May 2, 2012 8:29 AM

Ladies and gents. Adam here. Just wanted to let you folks know how excited we are about our upcoming summer tour. We are (finally) getting back to a lot of the big US cities we have been missing. Its our most ambitious tour ever, from big beautiful rooms to old favorites. We are travelling with an awesome stage set that we built that will transform the rooms into MBD territory. Gonna bring back some songs you haven't heard in a while, in addition to bitchin' new ones.For those of you not in these cities... DO NOT DESPAIR. We are working on dates for the next year all over. Yes, Europe we are coming back. Australia, we will do our damndest not to get ripped off again and hope to set foot on your beautiful soil. Presales begin may 4/5 depending on the show. Dates are up at

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