New Album - BIG DARK LOVE on BloodShot Records and New Kickstarter Campaign


We are excited to announce the pre-order of our new album BIG DARK LOVE. We had such an incredible experience with our last album through Kickstarter that we felt this was the best way to do it. There's a wealth of fun and exciting options this time around from SPECIAL EDITION VINYL to A GORGEOUS ART BOOK to A CONCERT IN A CAVE to PRIVATE SHOWS, ADVENTURES and more! Pre-order here. 


By overwhelming demand, you guys convinced us that this is a much more interesting and effective way to pre-sell an album and we wanted to show you the fun ideas we had. We brought back a few things from the last Kickstarter and also created a bunch of new stuff we thought you'd like.

There were moments of beauty that happened with the release of our last record- generous backers- friends making extraordinary gestures, and overwhelmingly positive reactions from everyone involved. Let's see what happens this time!

The album will come out on officially on Bloodshot Records on February 3rd, 2015! You will get your copy a couple days early. RAD!

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